Make your Life Easy with The Utility Store

 Apr, 05 - 2017   Shopping

Make your life Easy with ‘The Utility Store’

In a plethora of novel ideas cropping every day in retail has emerged a new concept which is likely to overshadow all. Rahul Singhal, a renowned figure in international trade of intellectual property has come up with THE UTILITY STORE. Mr. Rahul Singhal is a well known Children Book Publisher active across the globe. His company, XACT is one of the top Children Book Publishing Houses which has been delighting children of all ages for more than nineteen years through more than 52000 fiction and non- fiction books.His books have been translated into 67languages and exported to 104 countries.

After his valuable contribution to the publishing industry, Mr. Singhalhas brought the bundles of happiness at economical prices through his new venture THE UTILITY STORE, for all these who crave for ease and innovation. The Utility Store is all set to provide you with a wide range of daily utility products for the people of all ages to make their lives better and easier at very low prices. The Utility Store is coming soon with over 1200 products with most of the products never seen by Indian customers.

One of the first companies to mark global presence:

The Utility Store is the pilot project by Xact Family which has been serving leading publishers of the world from the countries like Poland, Korea, USA, UK, Dubai, Serbia, Hungary, Hong Kong, Moscow, Germany, Sharjah, Istanbul, China, Algeria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and many more from the last nineteen years. Now, initially, the Utility Store, itself has already opened7 retail stores across Delhi NCR. Plans are afoot to open 5000 retail stores all over the country very soon.

Driving out the mundane lifestyle:

THE UTILITY STORE offers unique value products which are not available in India. What on offer is smart utility and high quality merchandise with fast and friendly service through a number of Utility Stores at most famous locations and also by utilizing an e-commerce site! The WOW factor of the Utility Stores is that, most of items which Utility is going to provide are never seen by the Indian customers before. These well researched products are sure to please everyone irrespective of age by helping them in making their life hassle-free. Utility’s aim is to make life beautiful, and classy with its unique products in economical and simpler ways, by removing the mundane out of the daily activities.

Utility’s aim is to fulfill the needs of all:

The UTILITY Store’s wide range of products caters to the needs of an infant and come to fulfill the desires of adults.The customers are able to get every essential item they need from the time they leave their bed in the morning to the time they go to bed for a good night’s sleep.Never before like this, kitchen ware made life easier, the unique stationary adorned the desks, and life became full of utility products to make it sorted.

A UTILITY Store encompasses more than 1000+ products.

Key categories include:

  1. Kitchen and dining
  2. Personal care and health
  3. Household
  4. Electronics and digital devices
  5. Stationary and office Supplies
  6. Tools and hardware
  7. Wardrobe
  8. Bathroom
  9. DIY
  10. Beauty and party
  11. Baby care
  12. Travel and outdoor
  13. Car accessories
  14. Cleaning and washing & many more

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